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Take back control of your career with Choix

For Consultants

At Choix we put you at the heart of the platform, with a community where you can meet likeminded experts. Through collaboration, Choix will empower you to create real value through your work and challenge the status quo.

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1. Create your profile

You can get started by creating a profile with Choix, simply fill in your details and experience, provide us with 2 verifiable references and we will get back to you as soon as possible with details on the next steps. 

2. Get matched to projects

Once your profile is accepted and verified, you can start getting matched to projects that are suitable for you.Filter through these and choose the ones that best suit you at the time. As a consultant, you will either be contact directly by a buyer for a project or you can lead or join a team of consultants and go after bigger projects through our teaming model. 

3. Collaborate

Through our community portal you can meet likeminded independent consultants, experts in their field and build your network. You can also learn new skills and continue to grow your experience.

A Collaborative Platform

According to ONS, there are 175K management consultants in the UK. Over 30% are independent and in 2020, the Accountancy Partnership reported 16,869 management consultancy sole traders registered.  


The MCA estimates that the UK consulting industry will see a growth of 9% in 2021, the highest level of growth in nearly a decade – requiring more independent talent than ever before.


We have businesses waiting to connect with expert consultants. You can choose the best fit for your expertise and career goals.