Community Standards

1. Introducing our Choix Community Standards

Since the success of every engagement on our consultant marketplace (the Platform) and the growth of our consulting community depends on the professional behaviour of the parties involved, we have developed these Choix Community Standards (the Standards). The Standards set out minimum standards for professional behaviour which apply to Customers and Consultants when accessing the Platform (together Platform Users), as well as defining certain behaviours which we consider to be unacceptable and which may result in access to the Platform being suspended and/or withdrawn.

2. By using the Platform you accept these Standards

By using the Platform, you confirm that you acknowledge and accept these Standards and you agree to comply with them at all times when using the Platform. If you do not agree to these Standards, you must not use any part of the Platform. We recommend that you print a copy of these Standards for future reference.

3. Minimum standards of behaviour

Platform Users should communicate and deal with each other at all times in a manner which is professional, open and honest, and which meets the standards of care, quality, skill and diligence to be expected of a management consultant or similar professional. Platform Users must make sure that all information they post on the Platform is true, accurate and complete (and promptly updated as it changes) and must not:

  • share content which contains sexually explicit or offensive material or language;
  • interact with others or share content in a way that is irreverent, inappropriate, disrespectful, or otherwise inflammatory;
  • behave in an unlawful, dishonest or fraudulent manner, including by sharing junk mail, spam, chain letters, phishing schemes or any other scams whatsoever;
  • post or share unsolicited or unauthorised advertising or promotional material;
  • post or share any content which infringes the copyright, database right, trade mark or other intellectual property right of any other person;
  • transmit any data, or send or upload any material, that contains viruses, Trojan horses, worms, time-bombs, keystroke loggers, spyware, adware or any other harmful programs or similar computer code designed to adversely affect the operation of any computer system, software or hardware;
  • create fake or dishonest profiles (including using another person’s image on a profile photo), or post misleading, deceptive or incomplete information about themselves (such as business and project experience, prior roles and responsibilities, qualifications, affiliations and other achievements);
  • use the Platform in any way which is inconsistent with its operation as a consultant marketplace for the benefit of our consulting community; or
  • behave in any way in contradiction with applicable law and regulation.

Consultants must have legal and beneficial ownership of, and all rights and interest in, any materials underlying the work product created in connection with a Project. Work product must not include any misrepresentation or fraudulent data. Consultants are required to disclose any sources used in work product in accordance with generally accepted research practices as a matter of general practice and upon request from the Customer or Choix.

4. We do not tolerate unacceptable behaviour

Choix has a zero-tolerance policy for all kinds of discrimination, harassment, or abuse and, accordingly, Platform Users must at all times comply with the Equality Act 2010. Because of this a Platform User must not refuse to provide or accept services because of any protected characteristic - these are: age, disability, gender reassignment, marriage and civil partnership, pregnancy and maternity, race, religion or belief, and sex. Any Platform User that feels treated inappropriately by another Platform User should please contact

5. Reviews

Posting truthful, clear, fact-based and helpful reviews and ratings enables Customers and Consultants to build a positive reputation on the Platform. Reviews are most helpful when they provide unbiased and objective information. Platform Users can only write a review or provide a rating after a project is completed. Platform Users should not attack the character or damage the reputation of other Platform Users, name-call, insult, ridicule, harass, mock or otherwise verbally assault other Platform Users in a review. When we receive a report of a review violating this policy, we may remove the review from our Platform. Repeated violations may lead to suspension or permanent deactivation of the account(s) responsible for the reviews. While we encourage and expect all Platform Users to post reviews containing objective and accurate information, Choix doesn’t mediate disputes concerning the truth of reviews. We expect the author of the review to stand behind the content of their review. To report a review that violates these review guidelines, please contact Choix may temporarily or permanently deactivate accounts associated with Platform Users that receive reviews, ratings, or complaints regarding a lack of professionalism or quality. For the avoidance of doubt, all actions and decisions taken by our moderators are final.

6. Changes to our Standards

We update and amend these Standards from time to time and publish them on our Platform. The updated and amended Standards will take effect from the date of publication and we do not need to give any individual notice of this. These Standards were most recently updated on: 25th November 2021.