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Time-Management Strategies for a Better Work-Life Balance

One of the greatest benefits of working as an independent consultant is increased flexibility and being in control of your own schedule. When time is managed well, this can lead to improved work-life balance. It is one of the main reasons consultants cite when they choose to become an independent.

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Putting Yourself in a Potential Client’s Shoes

It really has never been easier to access an infinite amount of talent. Especially freelance talent. Therefore, as a consultant it is important that you can put yourself in a potential client’s shoes and ask yourself what it is they are looking for? What are they buying?

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How to Promote Your Own Wellbeing Outside of Work

Research suggests that mental wellbeing has a direct impact on motivation and productivity, so it is something that employers are actively trying to promote. They are making the effort to ensure their staff are openly discussing mental health concerns and are working to improve staff wellbeing and satisfaction as work plays such a vital role in our lives.  

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How Can Consultants Adapt to the New Normal?

The pandemic has left its mark across industries; forcing organisations to either adapt to flexible working regimes or even reduce their workforce. Not only that but many businesses have been pushed to rapidly digitalise their internal operations and make reactive supply chain changes.